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Ice Cream

Ice Cream

Andersen's of Denmark award-winning Ice Cream is made daily on our own premises to ensure freshness. 

Its character is achieved by use of pure fresh cream, which creates a satisfying and refreshing treat. We use the finest natural ingredients from Australia, Belgium, Denmark and around the world. 

No artificial flavours or colours are added.

Amongst our vast flavour selection you will find...

Vanilla, with the luxurious taste of real Madagascan vanilla bean, lavishly crushed into the ice cream, 

Danish Nougat, with the crunchy richness of caramelised almonds, as enjoyed by the Danes through generations,

Mango, only real mangoes, and lots of them, 

Belgian Chocolate, the finest Belgian chocolate is used to create a delicate chocolate ice cream, 

Strawberries & Cream, with the natural colour of real strawberries, 

Cookies and Creamcreamy vanilla ice cream mixed with an abundance of your favourite chocolate cookie. 

Cherry Brandya favourite with the grownups,

Banana Fudge, notice the real taste of bananas with a ripple of chocolate fudge, 

Boysenberry, a delicious berry fruit ice cream with an enticing boysenberry ripple throughout, 

Mint Chocolate Chip, a favourite with kids and grown-ups alike, 

Hazelnuts & Chocolate, fine Belgian chocolate make the perfect background for an abundance of roasted hazelnuts, delicately highlighted by chunks of Belgian chocolate, 

Coffee & Almonds, short black in a scoop, 

Rum & Raisin, we endeavour to highlight the true nature of one of our favourites: lots of raisins soaked in real Hansen Rum, 

Macadamia Nut, a truly native Australian favourite with a smooth caramel ripple,

Mocha Almond Fudge,  combining coffee, liquor, chocolate and almonds to create an exclusive coffee treat, 

Passion Fruit, with the refreshing tangy taste and smoothness of real passion fruits,

Raspberry, Lemon & Blood Orange Sorbet, smooth non-dairy sorbets with amazing zest.

The selection of flavours available in each store will vary, depending on seasonal supplies.